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TV | Leadermusic

 I’ve provided the leader for the Dutch talkshow Jacobine with music. It needed a serious, professional sound. That’s why I went for an orchestral sound with a relatively simple but catchy melody-line.

Client: KRO-NCRV
Year: 2019

ANWB – Turn on your lights

Online campaign

De campaign ‘Turn on your lights’ from the ANWB needed a bolt video. I provided the video of music and did the soundmix. An amazing project!

Client: The Next Chapter & ANWB Retail
Director: Lobke Leijser
Year: 2021

Ridder Marie

Korte film

The shortfilm Ridder Marie (English: Knight Marie) is about an insecure little girl called Marie. In this movie, she has to learn to come up for herself and face confrontations. It was a very special project with music having an important roll. I tried to approach it from the perspective of Marie herself, who sees herself as a knight. I composed a sweet but heroic theme, which helps you empathize with Marie better. You can watch the teaser on the left or listen to the full soundtrack album at the bottom of this page.

Director: Minka van Arnhem
Producer: Renée van der Ster
Year: 2019

Ninjakitty - Sunshine of Life Album Cover

In The Sunshine Of Life

Production Library Album

An album with 10 orchestral tracks that give you a warm, sunny and nostalgic feeling.

Client: Kamikaze Kitty Music
Year: 2020

Thrilling - Vol. 1 Album Cover

Thrilling Vol. 1

Production Library Album

A library album with 10 exciting, thrilling tracks that have a lot of tension.

Client: Copyright Power & BCMM
Year: 2021

Voor de mens


Voor de Mens is a documentary made by Jaimy Hop. In this film she brings to light the taboo on animal testing. It is about non-violent protests, and not giving up, but also reflecting on the other side: The patients that rely on the tested medicine. Through these different perspectives, she shows what the situation is. A very touching and compelling documentary that is definitely worth watching.

Director: Jaimy Hop
Year: 2018

48 Hour Film Projects

Short films

De groenteman

48HFP Utrecht 2018

Team “The Craftsman”
Genre: Komedie
Director: Jaap Dekker

Audience Choice Award


The Ballad of Good Billy

48HFP Amsterdam 2018

Team “Breakaway Productions”
Genre: Western
Directors: Bart Kwint en Brandt Weber

Audience Choice Award



48HFP Utrecht 2019

Team “Aperientes Films
Genre: Spy
Directors: Florian en Roman de Rijk

Winner Best Sound design